Collaboration and Teamwork

Good collaborators understand that they can achieve more if they work with others, and understand the importance of cooperating to get the job done. People who struggle to work in teams have a negative impact on the entire teams productivity, not just their own.  

Employers value team players because they reduce friction and conflict in the workplace, and are more likely to deliver results for the business. 

Most people work as part of a team, and even people who work by themselves will collaborate with customers and clients. Teams can work in the same office, across multiple workplaces, or even remotely – in fact, as many workplaces move to remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, effective teamwork skills have become even more important.

People who work well in teams can:

  • Consider the needs of others and have strong listening skills
  • Cooperate on projects and achieve group goals
  • Share information effectively with good situational awareness
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