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Visual Merchandiser

What do they do?

Visual Merchandisers (VM) play a key role in brand sales strategies by attracting customers into retail settings and maximising sales by creating floor plans and 3D displays that sell the products. Window displays, shop floor, special promotions, shelving layouts and point of sales displays are some of the areas of focus.

While VMs mostly work in fashion and retail settings, there are also opportunities in museums, hotels, airports and other commercial environments.

If you have a great sense of style and a natural flair for colour and design, can work well with anyone and are prepared to work hard, you could make a great career as a VM.

Watch this great video clip to see a VM in action.


  • Develop floor plans, window displays and promotions for approval of management
  • Determine floor layout, traffic flow and display points
  • Decide which items are to be displayed and how
  • Design window or internal displays based on an agreed theme based on brand, season or celebration for example
  • Create or buy props, accessories, signs and tickets for constructing displays
  • Maintain, store and dismantle displays
  • Setting up displays, dressing mannequins, moving fixtures and fittings, and updating displays as required
  • Arranging lighting to highlight fixtures, displays and goods

Skills required:

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Good drawing and design abilities
  • Cope with the physical demands of the job
  • Work within a budget
  • Great communication
  • Work well with anyone
  • Work long and sometimes antisocial hours

How to become a Visual Merchandiser in Australia

Diploma of Visual Merchandising and some retail experience could be desirable.

Studying art, design or fashion with no former experience may also be an option.

Average salary $55,000 per year (Source:

Job growth in this area is strong (source:

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