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What do they do?

Paramedics are highly trained healthcare professionals, they respond to medical emergencies outside of the hospital environment. They provide care and treatment of critically ill or injured patients with the aim of keeping them alive or stabilising their condition until they get to hospital.

If you’re a people person and have a desire to help people and make a difference, and you’d like a job that’s guaranteed to be different every single day, then a career as a paramedic could satisfy all your requirements.


  • Respond to 000 calls for emergency medical assistance
  • Assess patient’s condition and determine course of treatment
  • Closely follow all guidelines laid out for interaction and treatment of patients
  • Safely transport patients to hospital
  • Handover of patient to hospital staff, including detailed reports of their observations and treatment
  • Create a patient care report documenting treatment
  • Record and replace supplies used, check and clean equipment

Skills required:

  • Effective and appropriate communication and interpersonal skills
  • Work as a supportive and contributing team member
  • Professional, respectful conduct
  • Uphold the duty of care equally to all patients
  • Record keeping and reporting
  • Work under pressure, control emotions, make decisions quickly
  • High level of personal fitness

Prerequisites for applications (what the ambulance service may expect you to have before you apply )

Certification to work within the state you’re applying

Full manual driver’s license

Pass full medical and fitness assessments

Up to date Vaccinations

Working with children and/or Police Check



Minimum undergraduate degree in Para-medicine or Health Science

Foundation Courses:

Diploma of Paramedical Science

Certificate IV in Health Care

Certificate III in non-emergency patient transport

Australian Citizens are also eligible for entry through the Defence Force

Average salary for a fully qualified and experienced paramedic is $88,400 but this varies massively depending on overtime (Source:

Job growth in this area is very strong (source:

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