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What do they do?

Midwives are healthcare professionals who specialise in pregnancy, labour, and birth, providing antenatal and postnatal advice. They monitor, care for and support women and their babies, as well as their partners and families.

Midwives may work in hospitals (in wards, delivery suites, clinics operating theatres, or special baby care units), in the homes of expectant and new mums, or community clinics. They are part of a care team and often work with other midwives and nurses, doctors and surgeons, social workers, and health visitors.

If you’re great with people, love babies and are looking for a diverse and challenging career that’s all about creating connections, forging trust and multitasking, midwifery could be worth considering.


  • examining and monitoring pregnant women
  • assessing care requirements and writing care plans
  • undertaking antenatal care in hospitals, homes and GP practices
  • referring women and their babies on to doctors or other specialists and services if required
  • performing screening tests
  • providing information, emotional support and reassurance to women and their partners
  • taking patient samples, pulses, temperatures and blood pressures
  • caring for and assisting women in labour
  • monitoring and administering medication, injections and intravenous infusions during labour
  • monitoring the foetus during labour
  • advising and supporting parents about the daily care of their newborn babies including breastfeeding
  • helping parents to cope with traumatic births, sick babies, miscarriage, termination, stillbirth and neonatal death
  • writing records
  • tutoring student midwives
  • identifying risks in pregnancies, labour and postnatal situations

Skills required:

  • excellent people skills, kind, caring, and compassionate
  • passionate about helping people
  • good communication (provide information, listening and report writing) and observation
  • organised and able to multi-task without losing focus
  • willing to work long hours and do shift work
  • remain calm and positive in stressful situations
  • strong emotional intelligence and mental strength
  • enjoy working in a team environment
  • committed


There are 2 main pathways to becoming a Midwife in Australia:

Complete a 3-year Bachelor of Midwifery like the one offered at JCU


Complete a Bachelor of Nursing degree (generally 3 years full time) and then a Graduate Diploma or Master of Midwifery (12-18 months).

Average salary $89,389 per year (Source: au.neuvoo.com)

Job growth in this area is predicted to be very strong.

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