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Cosmetic Nurse

What do they do?

Cosmetic nurses carry out a range of non-surgical procedures including laser treatments, cosmetic injectables, chemical peels and other dermal procedures.

If you’re great with people, and love helping people feel their best, a career as a cosmetic nurse could be worth considering.


  • confirming appointments and greeting patients
  • carrying out initial consultations and performing aesthetic procedures
  • administering Botox, dermal fillers and other injectables
  • carrying out facials, peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments
  • tattoo removal
  • clinical management, updating patient reports, ensuring legislative compliance
  • developing and implementing treatment plans
  • may assist with pre and post-operative care and monitoring of patients who’ve received cosmetic surgery and assist during surgical procedures

Skills required:

  • good bedside manner and strong interpersonal skills
  • compassionate and patient
  • organised and efficient with good computer skills
  • technical skills for using various pieces of equipment
  • attention to detail
  • committed to continuous learning to keep knowledge and skills up to date


In Australia, you’ll first have to qualify as a Registered Nurse by gaining a Bachelor of Nursing degree.

Then complete a Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing (approx. 10 months full time) and complete 76 hours of clinical placement.

Average salary is $80,000 but varies depending on experience, location and incentive packages. (Source:

Job growth in this area is predicted to be very strong (source:

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