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Careers in the construction industry offer plenty of choices. Depending on your qualifications and experience you could get a hands-on trade like plumbing, joinery or carpentry, or you could be a site supervisor or project manager.

Construction is a relatively safe bet in terms of job security offering plenty of opportunities to grow your salary and find jobs suited to your skillset.

What type of person would this job suit?

  • You’ll need to be very practical minded, specifically in relation to building and mechanical knowledge
  • Have the required physical strength and stamina necessary to fulfil many roles
  • Be adept at coordinating in order to make sure jobs go to plan
  • Comfortable with technology to use suitable equipment for the job and be dexterous enough to use the right tools in any setting
  • Good organisational and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work well with others, as construction projects are mostly team-based

Related industries where you might find construction workers:

  • Maintenance, Repairs and Renovations
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction
  • Civil and Environmental Construction
  • Mining
  • Town Planning
  • Infrastructure e.g. road, rail, airport


Apprenticeships and traineeships are the main entry pathways to careers in the construction industry. Which means that any additional qualifications and skills that you gain will stand you in great stead.

You could also elect to study construction-based degrees at University and begin working in one of the more professional roles available in the industry.

Successfully complete a Bachelor of Construction at USQ and you could be applying for jobs including building or construction supervisor, site manager, facilities manager, property developer, or even running your own business.

Alternatively, you could apply for a traineeship or apprenticeship, and gain a Cert III or IV, as well as paid work experience while you learn a trade, before deciding if you’d like to get more qualifications later in life.

The Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry) Pre-Apprenticeship offered at the Builders Academy, is an example of an introductory course that could get you started, even if you’ve haven’t completed high school (you do need to be 16 or over).



Carpenter / Joiner


Working with timber, Joiners are usually based in a workshop, whereas Carpenters work mostly on work-sites.

You could be creating furniture, cabinetry or features like staircases, or be responsible for putting up timber building frames and trusses, or installing windows and doors.

The average salary for a qualified and experienced carpenter or joiner is $70,000 per year. (As an apprentice you’ll be earning at least the national minimum wage as well as getting nationally recognised qualifications and learning skills for life).


Joinery Carpenter- Perth, WA

Joinery Installer and Shopfitter – Melbourne, VIC

Kitchen Joinery Designer – Sydney, NSW


Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services

Plumbers install, repair and maintain heating, cooling, gas, and water supplies, and ventilation systems. As well as the obvious installing, maintaining, fault finding and repairing of pipework, sewerage, drainage, stormwater and other plumbing fixtures and fittings.

You could be working in residential to industrial settings and working on small scale to enormous projects.

The average salary for a qualified and experienced plumber is listed as $75,000 per year – but will depend on where you work and the type of specialisation you end up doing.


Rio Tinto Inducted Plumber – FIFO, Karratha, WA

Gas Plumber Servicing & Diagnostics – Melbourne, VIC

Maintenance Plumber – Sydney, NSW

Project Manager

Diploma in Building and Construction

Construction project managers plan and run construction projects, including managing budgets, staff, contractors and services.

A Diploma could get you in to this career, with plenty of industry experience under your belt. Although additional qualifications in project management, or a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science, Civil Engineering or Construction Management could make you a more desirable candidate.

The average listed salary at this level is $97,000 per year.


Project Manager Mine Construction – Perth, WA

Construction Project Manager – Sydney, NSW

Project Manager | Commercial & Retail Construction – Melbourne, VIC

Growth in this industry is strong and expected to remain so.

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