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Engineer | Ponder


If you are great as seeing the bigger picture, curious and love the challenges of solving problems, this could be an exciting and rewarding career to explore.

Entrepreneur | Ponder


If you are an innovator who is passionate and driven, prepared to take calculated risks and has the interpersonal skills you’ll need to promote and sell your ideas, then life as an Entrepreneur could be your calling.

Technician | Ponder


If you’re practical and great at paying attention to details, problem solving and communications, then you could be ideally suited to working as a Technician.

Salesperson Career | Ponder


If you’re great at making connections, building relationships, and listening, you’re outgoing, self-motivated, and resilient, then a career in Sales could be worth exploring.

Manager | Ponder


If you’re great at seeing the bigger picture, decisive and able to delegate (then leave your staff to get on with their jobs), you could have a rewarding future as a Manager.

Administrator | Ponder


Communication is probably the key skill required for administrative professionals in any industry or position. If you’re also comfortable around technology, great at planning, multi-tasking and problem solving, then you could have a successful career as an Administrator.

Scrum Master | Ponder

Scrum Master

If you have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, along with mentoring and management know-how, and you’re looking for a job that will be varied and challenging, then a career as a Scrum Master could highly rewarding.

Zookeeper | Ponder


If you’re practical, able to remain professional and maintain high standards of safety and care for the benefit of all, then a career as a Zookeeper could be worth exploring.

Vet Nurse | Ponder

Veterinary Nurse

If you are caring and resilient, love animals but like people just as much, don’t mind getting your hands dirty and are prepared to be flexible, becoming a Vet Nurse could be a rewarding career to consider.

Legal Secretary | Ponder

Legal Secretary

Legal Secretaries carry out administrative and clerical tasks that help legal professionals to work more efficiently and effectively. If you’re discreet, organised and a good communicator, working as a Legal Secretary could be a career to consider.

Aged Care | Ponder

Aged Care Worker

If you’ve got bucket-loads of compassion and patience, and you’re looking for a career that will be active and rewarding working as an Aged Care Worker could be ideal for you.

Correctional Officer | Ponder

Correctional Officer

If you enjoy working with people, are able to remain calm and authoritative in any situation, and you’re looking for a career that’s different every day, working as a Correctional Officer could be ideal for you.

Bus Driver | Ponder

Bus Driver

If you get along well with anyone, have a great sense of direction and would be confident behind the wheel of a large vehicle, then bus driving could be the job for you.

Cleaner | Ponder


If you’re good at managing your time, punctual and trustworthy, looking for a career where you’re on the go all the time and able to work on your own or as part of a team, becoming a cleaner could be worth considering.

UX Designer | Ponder

UX Designer

If you’re practical but creative, have great all-round communication skills and are looking for a job which is fast paced, full of variety and requires lots of human interaction, then a career in UX Design could be really rewarding.

Writer | Ponder


If you have a good grasp of English language and a creative streak, you’re are persistent and love reading, then a career as a writer could be worth exploring.

Photographer | Ponder


If you’re creative with a great eye for composition, and prepared to put in long hours to obtain a single perfect image, this career could be picture perfect for you.

Virtual Assistant | Ponder

Virtual Assistant

If you’re motivated and resourceful, willing to put the hard yards in for other people’s businesses and would be quite happy to avoid office politics and get your work done in your PJs from your couch, this could be a dream career for you.

Dietitian | Ponder


If you’re great with people, have a healthy lifestyle and outlook, combined with a desire to help others, a career in dietetics could be perfect for you.

Social Media Manager | Ponder

Social Media Manager

If you have a great understanding of lots of different social media platforms, you love learning new things and finding out what makes people tick, then this could be a challenging and rewarding career for you.

Real Estate Agent | Ponder

Real Estate Agent

If you’re a great mediator who gets along easily with people, and you’re looking for a career with the thrill of closing deals and you get to work out of the office, then this could be the perfect career for you.

Lawyer | Ponder


If you’re passionate about the law and using your knowledge to help others, and are competitive and committed to working tirelessly for the benefit of your clients from all walks of life, this career could be an option to research further.

Warehouse Worker | Ponder


If you’ve got great customer service skills and you’re looking to work in a busy and varied environment, with plenty of opportunities for progression and promotion, this could be a career worth investigating.

Toy Designer | Ponder

Toy Designer

If you’re creative and artistic with a flair for design and engineering, and you’d like to be responsible for bringing fun into the retail market, a career as a toy designer could be for you.

Diving Instructor | Ponder

Diving Instructor

If you love diving, you’re passionate about the marine environment and you have the patience and understanding that’ll make a great teacher, then perhaps a career as a diving instructor could be for you.

Midwife | Ponder


If you’re great with people, love babies and are looking for a diverse and challenging career that’s all about creating connections, forging trust and multitasking, midwifery could be worth considering.

Cartographer | Ponder


If you love maps and geography, you’re great at researching with good technical skills and design abilities, then a career as a cartographer could suit you down to the ground.

Dancer | Ponder


If you’re physically fit and you have a passion for and background in dance, then life as a professional dancer, or role within the dance industry, could be for you.

Politician | Ponder


There are lots of ways that you can have a meaningful job within politics. You don’t have to be aiming to become Prime Minister – although ambition and the drive to succeed could be advantageous in this competitive industry.

Intelligence Security Analyst | Ponder

Intelligence Analyst

You could be responsible for providing early warnings about imminent emergency situations, engaged in crisis management, helping to plan military operations, protecting sensitive information, or working to influence the outcome of important events.

Cyber Security | Ponder

Cyber Security

Cyber security helps organisations – small and large – and individuals prevent data breaches, identity theft, malware and ransomware attacks, and aids in risk management.

Tourism Industry | Ponder

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is huge and diverse, incorporating a vast number of businesses who provide the necessary infrastructure, products and services to support the millions of people travelling around the globe for both leisure and business activities.

Construction | Ponder


Careers in the construction industry offer plenty of choices. Depending on your qualifications and experience you could get a hands-on trade like plumbing, joinery or carpentry, or you could be a site supervisor or project manager.

Space Industry | Ponder

Space Industry

With the Australian Space Agency (ASA) becoming a reality, careers within the space industry are set to grow in Australia. And you don’t just have to be an astronaut or astronomer to get in on the Space action.

Sports and Fitness Industry | Ponder

Sport and Fitness

Love exercise and want to have an impact on the health of the nation? A career within the sports or fitness industry offers plenty of variety and opportunities not to take life sitting down.

Landscaping | Ponder


Landscaping encompasses everything from design and construction to maintenance and management of outdoor environments and all their features – from trees, plants, lawns, water features and irrigation to walls, drives and other constructions.

Dentist | Ponder


Dentists care for our oral health; you’ll need to be passionate about helping others, good at working in small teams, and dedicated to learning.

Civil Engineering | Ponder

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers and Draftspeople help create the spaces where people live, move, and work. They design, build, operate and maintain all sorts of structures, including roads, ports, railways, mines, dams, structures and more.

Air Traffic Controller | Ponder

Air Traffic Controller

Incredibly focused and able to concentrate for long periods? A quick thinker and great team player? Looking for a career that could take you anywhere in the world? Then consider a career in air traffic control.

Paediatrician or Physician | Ponder

Physician or Paediatrician

Physicians are responsible for diagnosing, treating and managing the medical conditions of adults. Paediatricians do the same thing but work with infants, children and adolescents. They care for difficult, serious, on-going or unusual medical problems and continue to see the patient until these problems have resolved or stabilised.

Social Worker | Ponder

Social Worker

Social workers help individuals, families and communities to deal with and resolve personal issues and social problems or support them in times of crisis. They deal with people face-to-face and work within policy development, education and research.

Carpenter | Ponder


If you’re practical with a creative streak, love to be hands on, have great attention to detail and love a bit variety, this could be a really rewarding career to consider.

Psychologist | Ponder


If you’re fascinated by human behaviour and how people respond to certain events or triggers in their lives, and want to help people embrace healthy behaviours that could improve their quality of life, then a career as a psychologist may be very rewarding.

Hairdresser | Ponder


If you like people and get a buzz from helping them look and feel better about themselves, have plenty of physical stamina and are creative with great attention to detail, you could make a great hairdresser.

Architect | Ponder


Creative and technical, part Artist and part Engineer, architects are passionate about improving the physical and built world for the benefit of society and individuals.

Veterinarian | Ponder


Are you passionate about animals and committed to their welfare? Love the sciences, proactive and driven by emotional rewards rather than financial? Then you should definitely consider a career as a Vet.

Lifeguard | Ponder


Part amphibious and just love spending time in or on the water? If you have great people skills and have the mental capacity to handle a job that has a serious side but is also serious fun, lifeguard could be the job for you.

Stock Trader | Ponder


If you could sell ice to an Eskimo, have a good grip on economics and finances, can stay calm and focused at times of stress and in a busy environment, and if you could see yourself confidently making decisions with someone else’s money and don’t mind working long hours then you could be a Stock Trader in the making.

Food Industry | Ponder

Food Industry

Whether you love food or just want a career that offers plenty of choice in skills, jobs, openings and opportunities, then you should probably investigate the options available within the food industry.

Solar Technician | Ponder

Solar Technician

If you’d like a hands-on job that also comes with some responsibility, enjoy technical puzzles and working outside (also at heights or in small, confined spaces), then this could be a career for you.

Paramedic | Ponder


If you’re a people person and have a desire to help people and make a difference, and you’d like a job that’s guaranteed to be different every single day, then a career as a paramedic could satisfy all your requirements.

Big Data Analyst | Ponder

Big Data Analyst

If you’ve got a great head for figures and enjoy the challenge of figuring out patterns and trends then a future in the growing field of Big Data Analytics is well worth investigating.

Teacher | Ponder


If you like people, are patient, great at explaining simple or complex concepts in lots of different ways, and if you’d like to make a positive difference in people’s lives, then you could be a teacher.

Firefighter | Ponder


Non-office based and physically demanding, this career would be rewarding on many levels. If you’re the kind of person who likes to be hands on and can’t imagine sitting down all day long, it’s worth looking into.

Sports Physiotherapist | Ponder

Sports Physiotherapist

You’ll get to travel with the professional athletes and play a critical role in their success. Not only will you manage injuries, you’ll also help them maximise recovery and prepare properly so that they can be their best on the big day.

Astronaut | Ponder


Space is a growing industry. Once upon a time the only way to get into the industry was to work for the government, but now some of the world’s biggest and brightest minds are focused on commercialising space. Which means more jobs and more opportunities.

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