Discover your strengths & find your passion

Grow, upskill and achieve your true potential

Grow, upskill and achieve your true potential

86% of Australians are disengaged at work

Change starts here

If you’re one of the millions of Australians who feel disconnected from what you do for work, then you need to know that you have other options.

Find out where your skills lie, match them with roles and industries, then explore your options and start planning for a future that’ll make you want to jump out of bed every Monday morning.

Your career doesn’t define you, but it does have an impact on what your life looks like. By taking a strengths-based approach, you can focus on what you ARE good at, rather than what you’re not, and increase your health, wellbeing, and sense of satisfaction. 

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Which skills do you have?

The Skills Report

The Ponder Skills Test is entirely new and looks at what you do and who you are to determine where your strengths lie. 

Find out which skills you have, then match those skills with roles across industries. 

Unlike any other test you’ve taken, it’ll uncover the underlying drivers of your personality, values and career – the key things you need to look at in order to move forward.

In less than 15 minutes, you’ll learn more about your skill set and save yourself years spent pursuing a career that doesn’t suit your strengths. 

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Life is too short

Ponder is for you

Ask any 90-year-old what they regret, and they’ll probably say they wish they’d taken more chances, and quit the things that didn’t bring them joy. 

Don’t waste time wondering if you should have taken that chance to do something better. Now is as good a time as any to change direction and find a new way to look at your future. 

The Skills Report is designed to cut through the confusion and give you a clear path forward. 

Brought to you by the team from Study Work Grow.

Since 2006, we’ve been helping young people explore their options and uncover opportunities, and in that time we’ve helped over one million students make smarter career decisions.

But we know that the world of work is changing – the concept of a ‘job for life’ is fading, and adults of all ages need to understand their options, which is why we created Ponder.  

The Skills Report

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